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Heart Shaped Face

heart shaped faceIf you have a heart shaped face, chin length cuts (like a bob or A-Line) are most flattering. If you add bangs, you can pretty much pull off any cut available, even very long styles as long as they accentuate the jawline and narrow the face.

Curly/wavy hairstyles look especially nice and draw attention away from your jawline.

Side swept bangs help to even out your face shape and are very flattering.



• Pixie cuts with side swept bangs
• A-Line cuts that end at the chin
• Long hairstyles with lots of waves and fullness

• Short hairstyles without bangs
• Lots of volume at the crown
• Slicked back looks that reveal the forehead

Examples of heart shaped faces

4 Responses to Heart Shaped Face

  1. niah says:

    you see i do have a heart shaped face but im just asking if its going to be okay to have a layered hairstyle with a side swept bangs? i love that layered hair and ang sided bangs…..but i dont know if its going to match my face :/ so please reply :D

    • Helen says:

      Layered chin length hairstyles and side swept bangs look excellent on heart shaped faces! Think of Rihanna :)

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