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Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are a great way to really update your look or try something fresh and daring! Before you chop off your locks though, it’s important to consider many factors when choosing a style. Consider hair color, your face shape and the cut itself. All of these are important factors to think of before cutting so that you end up with a flattering style for your face that people will adore! Check out our “What is my face shape” as step one.

If you have a larger forehead, go ahead and choose a short hair style that incorporates bangs. This will continue to balance out your face and accent your features.

short hair

If you have the right features, you can pull off a pixie cut. This drastic style opens up your face letting your features shine! Not everyone can pull it off because it is so short but if you have the face for it, you’ll be turning heads everywhere!

halle-berry-short hair

If you want to try an edgier look to your short hairstyle, go for a choppy/messy look. Ask your stylist to razor the ends and incorporate lots of layering. This look is enhanced by waxy product or volumizer. The great thing about an edgy short hairstyle is that it’s super easy to maintain and to grow out into a medium length hairstyle. This look also looks great with bold color highlights.

shirley-manson-short hairstyle

Bobs are very in and the A-line bob is probably the most popular style period. The looks compliments nearly any type of face shape and you can even do an a-symmetrical bob for even more interesting looks. Bobs are short and frame the face and are very classic looking.

christina-ricci-a-line bob

Layered bobs take the classic look and add some edge.

jaime-pressly-layered bob

Whatever type of short hair cut you consider, make sure you keep in mind your own personality and your own wants and needs for your haircut. Many women decide to cut their hair to try something fun and new after a break-up, after having a baby or just to spice things up. Some styles can be just as hard to maintain as longer styles so be sure to communicate with  your stylist freely about exactly what you are looking for in terms of appearance and maintenance.

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