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Medium Length Hairstyles

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A medium length hairstyle is any hair cut that falls between the chin and just below the shoulders. A medium length hair style is great because it allows you the freedom to style your hair in pretty much any fashion that a woman with long hair could do but with less muss and fuss.

paris hilton

A very popular style right now is the chopped look. The not long but not short look is the perfect hairstyle to get when you’re just sick of your long hairstyle but aren’t quite ready to go super short. This hairstyle will freshen up your look and give your hair new life and volume. This look suits you best when it hits just at the collar bone. The edges should be blunt but refined. Your final look will be sexy but still edgy and have a nice little bounce to it. Ask your stylist to use a feather razor to get perfectly blunt ends without the heaviness.

jessica simpson long bob

Another really great medium length hairstyle is the long bob. The secret to a really great long bob hairstyle that is flattering to you is all in the cut. A-line hairstyles pretty much look amazing on all face types and grow into long bobs gracefully with minimal trimming. This style looks great either short or wavy. Perfect no fuss style without the commitment to a short do. Ask your stylist for layers but not too many. A blunt cut can look too heavy and boring.

jennifer aniston medium length

If you want to add some wave or curl to your style, don’t let those curls get too fussy. Loose and natural looking waves always look best and are most flattering. If your curls are too tight, apply styling product to your hair and gently stretch out your curls until they are looser. The product will also hold your curls in place. Styling wax or balm is also a great product to use to add texture and dimension to your hair without weighing it down or making it look stiff with hairspray.


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