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Long Hairstyles

Check out our ever expanding gallery of long hairstyles

Long hairstyles can be harder to maintain because your hair demands to be styled! Products and hot styling tools can really ruin your hair fast but if you take care of your long locks, you’ll be dazzling everyone around you with a breathe taking do! The most flattering type of long hairstyle is the layered look. Long layers allow you to have the locks with out the heavy look. This style is super sexy and looks great with some wispy straight bangs.

Super straight hair can look sleek and sexy but styling it can damage your precious hair! Be sure to use a protective product on your hair before straightening to keep your hair safe and nice and glossy!

straight hair

The best thing for your hair is to utilize your natural texture and body and get a great cut to bring that out! If you’ve got a little wave, play it up with texturizing creams and products and leave the heat at home. Your hair will be healthier, shinier and more full of body. Your natural hair texture is always the most flattering. If you’ve got curls, play them up! Sassy and straight? No problem! Work what you got girl!

taylor-swift-long hairstyles

If you’ve got the length, a great side bun is the perfect way to get a classic look and fast! Don’t worry about tucking in every last strand, the relaxed bun is so classic and easy and still beautiful!

side bun

One of the hottest trends right now are braids and ombre highlights. These trends work flawlessly with long locks. There are TONS of ideas out there, especially on pinterest. Click the button below to see even more examples of trendy long hairstyles




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