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Bangs are a great way to freshen up your hairstyle without the commitment to a drastic change. Bangs are especially nice if you are in the process of growing out your hair. This can take a very long time depending on how fast your hair grows so getting bangs can help that urge to “cut” but still let your locks grow out.

Check out the articles below for more information the type of bangs that could work for your face and hairstyle as well as galleries of popular bangs hairstyles.

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wispybangsside swept bangs

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our gallery of bangs below.

Bangs are forever classic no matter what the trend. Right now the heavy bang is very popular but not to be taken on by the faint of heart. This blunt cut comes very close to the eyes and requires weekly trimmings to keep it fresh. Also not the type of bang that you can just wake up and go. Heavy bangs need styling so they lay properly or they can get really messy really fast.

beyonce bangs

So what types of bangs are right for your face? If you have a long face or a larger forehead, you can pull off pretty much every type of bangs out there. Bangs where literally made for you so rejoice! Long and wispy, short and blunt, side swept, the options are endless for you so experiment!

If you have an oval face, bangs look great on you too! You can do short bangs that are razored and softened, face framing bangs or blunt cut.

erica-durance-bangs for oval face

If you have a round face, bangs that are shorter in the middle that show more of the forehead look best. Asymmetrical bangs also look great as they lead the eye down the face. Wispy side swept bangs have the same effect.


Some tips for maintenance:

Long bangs: If you have long bangs, blow dry when still a bit damp with a large round brush so smooth and shape. Start right at the roots to control any crazy cowlicks. Once dry, apply your flat iron and set with your preferred product.

Short bangs: Avoid a brush and style with your fingers and product. If you do blow dry, dry straight down to avoid them going straight up.

Fringe: Use a flat brush and use some good pomade or wax to create pieces.

Sideswept: While hair is still damp, blow hair out with a round boar hair brush. Start at the hairline to create volume and bring the hair away from the forehead. Use a curling iron to finish if the bangs are longer. Finish with product.

Before you make the cut, be sure to talk to your stylist about bangs that will flatter your face, what the upkeep is and how to grow them out.

Check out our online gallery of Bangin’ Bangs inspiration on Pinterest!

pinterest bangs


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