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Whether fun and flipped out or sleek and saucy, your hairstyle really says who you are! It’s important to consider all options and don’t be afraid to break out of your box! Choose your perfect hairstyle that compliments your face shape and hair type. You might ask “what style fits me best?” Consider your own personality, how much maintenance you can handle.

Use our easy What’s My Face Shape gallery and tools to find your perfectly flattering style.

short hairstyles

Short hairstyles are usually cuts that fall above the jaw line. Short hairstyles are a great way to freshen up your look or to try something new! Many women go straight from long locks to short and sassy and this can take some getting used to! Be sure to go over styling tips with your stylist to find out best hairstyle that will work for you and be easy to recreate at home.

Medium length hairstyles

Medium length hairstyles are cuts that usually fall between the jawline and the shoulders. Medium length hairstyles are fun and flattering. There are many styles to accent any face shape. Medium length hairstyles look great with highlights and asymmetrical lines. The most popular type of medium length hairstyle is the A-line which flatters nearly any face. depending on your face shape, you may want bangs as well.

Long Hairstyles

Long hairstyles are cuts that fall below the shoulders. Long locks can be time consuming to grow out but the plus side is that they flatter most everyone. Whether long and sleek or wavy and sexy, this style can fit nearly any mood or be styled to your hearts desire. Consider the thickness of your hair and its natural body when getting a long hairstyle. Simply growing your hair out will not due. You’ll need lots of pretty layers if you have thick or wavy hair so you don’t look too “heavy”, and if you have thin hair, you’ll need to have your stylist incorporate some voluminous layering so you can get as much bang for your buck as possible. If all else fails, there is always extensions. Remember to always use 100% hair extensions for maximum results. If you hair is long, it is also more prone to drying out so be sure to ask your stylist for some great shampoo and conditioner to keep your long locks looking luscious and shiny!

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