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Painted Nails

The best tools for some kickin’ nails is the imagination! I am constantly seeing the most amazing ways of using polish with minimal fancy shmancy tools or trickery. Sometimes the fun is all in the polish and sometimes it’s all in the application. Either way, a little creativity can go a long way. Check out some of these super fun and cool designs that are all hand painted by way rad nail lovers like you!

social media nails

Some of the coolest nail designs come from things we love or are surrounded by. These super cute social media nails are so iconic because as young people, we are surrounded by these things all the time and are so recognizable to us. I am really impressed by the clean type and proportion that the nailasaurus achieved with this design. I wonder how well she did with her left hand?

peacock nails

These peacock nails are so pretty and fun! There is a perfect balance of glitter and gold and all the shades of green and blue are perfect. The keep to making this type of design effective is keeping it simple. If you do too much, the colors can get muddled. Clean and simple looks best.

cupcake nails tutorial

These cupcake nail designs are so cute and actually super easy to do. You can watch the tutorial on the artists youtube page. Or watch the video online below. The tutorial is super simple but it just goes to show that you dont really need a lot of fancy tools to do a really cute design. The image above had lines on it that you can achieve with a nail polish pen or a thin brush.


Nail polish pens are great for helping you achieve really intricate designs on your nails, especially if you don’t have professional tools or have a shaky left hand (like me).

nail polish designs

Check out migi nails to see more designs and check out their nail polish pens.

owl nails

Sometimes the best designs are all about what you didn’t paint. Utilizing the shape of the nails also helps. These super cute owl nails designs by chalkboard nails are cute, colorful and really take advantage of the nail shape. Not a lot of technical stuff going on here, just some genius painting.

Hand painted nails have endless options. If you have an idea, google it and you’ll probably find that someone has already thought of it and made a youtube tutorial but you never know, you could be the first!

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nail designs


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