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Medium Length Hairstyles for Your Age

Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium hairstyles are wonderful for any woman at any age. Whether she is walking onto a college campus for the first time, or taking care of her grandchildren. No matter what a woman’s age, she still wants to look glamorous. She wants to have her hair be one of the first things that is noticed about her. Younger women sometimes like to have haircuts that help them appear more mature to get ahead in their career path, while others would just rather have something simple and easy that can be thrown up when needed. Mature women always want something that will flatter their features, and take away attention from their signs of aging. Women of a more mature age, are also enjoying living life. They want a hairstyle that is soft and sophisticated, while giving them the appearance of youth.

medium length hairstyles

A woman’s age should not be what decides her hair length or style. More importantly, how does the style correspond with your lifestyle?

Does it compliment your features and do you even like it?

Here are some helpful ideas that can help you choose what type of hairstyle you might want based upon your age range.

medium length hairstyles

As a woman in your 20′s, now is at a great time of your life for many reasons. Your hair will grow faster and thicker now, than any other time in her life. So take advantage of it! Grow it out, cut it shorter, have fun!! Now is a time in your life where you will be faced with challenges, be it college, a new career or a new baby. Your hair will reflect this time in your life. Choose a style that is fun and sexy. A great medium hairstyle that can go from straight to curly to up and all be fabulous is a shoulder length cut with soft layers and wispy bangs. See of course what style would look best on your facial shape and you can go from there!


Women in their 30′s are looking to be taken seriously. Their hair can be a big help in that department. When your hair is clean and well polished, you tend to look more “together”. A simple style that has been a huge hit amongst housewives, and business women is the a-line bob. It is chic and stunning. Its also a great way to get some extra volume in the back for that bombshell look. Just because you have become a mom does not mean you don’t want to look sexy. So if you want something a little bit longer of than a line bob, another fun cut is a shoulder length blunt cut. Type into a search engine ‘Jessica Simpson blunt haircut’ and see what you find. When she chopped off her long locks for that blunt do it was a huge hit! Hairstylists all over the nation were getting tons of women in their chairs wanting that look. Throw in some side swept bangs and watch the compliments come rolling in.

medium length hairstyle 40s

If you are nearing the 40 year mark, keep in mind that 40 is the new 30. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at women like Julia Robers, Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston. Yes, these women do have stylists, however they prove you can still have long layers in your 40′s. It was once thought that longer hair in maturing women would drag the face down, however with the right cut, this can be avoided.

medium length hairstyles

Women in this age group want a stylish look that’s convenient. They are busy attending business meetings, or working on getting their teenagers our of bed in the morning. Women in their 40′s shouldn’t go for anything dramatic. Super short, really long, a crazy hair color, etc. Keeping it simple will keep you looking younger. A great medium length style would be a bob. cut anywhere from the shoulders to just below the chin. Now, before you go on saying that a bob is an “old lady do”, remember that its all in how you style it. With help from a straightener, or curling iron, a bob can give the illusion of a younger flirtier version of yourself. A woman in her 40′s might start to notice her hair is thinning. Using a large round brush at the roots when drying will help with this.

A woman 50 and above should know right away that just because you have mostly silver hair, does not mean you have to automatically settle for a short helmet haircut. No no, in fact a wonderful way to achieve a feature complimenting, younger looking hairstyle is to have your hair be a little longer.


Take a look at Glen Close. With her hair just a little past her chin with some feathery layers and bangs, she looks so much younger than if her hair is up past her ears. The biggest issue with your hair at this age is the hair drying and thinning out.

medium length hairstyles

Using good quality shampoos and conditioners is key. And having side swept bangs is a wonderful way to add volume, and disguise a thinning hairline as well as take attention away from an aging face. Face framing layers is very flattering. And choosing the right color, should you decide you want to cover your grays, is crucial. Make sure you ask your hairstylist what color would go best with your skin tone, and eye color.

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