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Wispy Bangs

Check out this gallery of  wispy bangs

Wispy bangs are considered to be barely there, and are a shorter style of bang that is cut from temple to temple and sprinkled across the forehead or cut with longer layers and then swept to the side. Wispy bangs could almost be considered a toned down, lighter version of both blunt, and side swept bangs.

wispy bangswispy bangs

Wispy bangs are a very low commitment style of bang.  Since so little of your hair is needed to be cut for these bangs, they can be very easily styled to the side, and hidden amongst longer layers of your hair should you decide to grow them out.

wispy bangs


Wispy bangs are a wonderful way to spruce up your longer locks. They give your face a flirty personality while giving your eyes some desired attention. Wispy bangs are also great on curly or naturally wavy hair.

wispy bangs

Since Wispy bangs can be worn both across the forehead, or angled and to the side. They are a wonderful style of bangs for all face shapes. Since we know an Oval shaped face could wear these bangs, its also exciting to know a Heart shaped face would benefit the most from this look. Whether worn temple to temple or swept aside, Wispy bangs soften and balance a heart shaped face, which can help if you have a pointy chin. They also can disguise or tone down a larger forehead.

wispy bangs

Round faces should wear these bangs swept to the side to avoid making the face appear wider.

wispy bangs

A Square shaped face should wear these bangs with longer layers and to the side to round out harsh angles while framing the face.


After you’ve washed your hair, during the blowout process, you want to have your dyer up above your head and pointed down so that you are drying your bangs in the desired direction. Otherwise you could end up with much fluffier bangs then you had wanted. While drying, you can use a comb to help in the straightening process of the bangs, especially if you have wavy or curly hair. You can follow the tutorial below from the Beauty Department. It was meant for Heavy bangs but the same concept applies to wispy bangs.

blow dry bangs

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pinterest bangs

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