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Nail Stickers and Decals

If you’re like me and you really suck and painting your nails (especially the right hand)

right hand polish looks bad

then you’re stoked about nail stickers! Nail stickers are really popular right now and you can see them popping up everywhere from the girl in your class to the celebrities on tv. Nails are a super fun way to express yourself and nail stickers make the options ever expanding! Nail stickers and decals are a great way to get a specific design on your nails really easily! Most are just peel and stick. Add some top coat and you’re good to go. Many companies like Nail Rock¬†and Sally Hansen create stickers that are nail shaped and you can just peel them and stick them on and they look great! This is a fantastic option for you if you want a flawless metallic nail like silver or gold.

gold nail stickers

These nail wraps are super easy to use. Just choose a size that most matches your nail (you can trim if necessary) and then apply! The design choices are really endless. I’m especially fond of the animal print designs like snake skin and leopard print! So fun!

snake skin nail sticker

nail stickers striped leopard print

One of the great things about nail sticker wraps are that they are easy to apply and to take off. Just a few easy steps and you’re on your way to unforgettable nails!

1. Soak your hands in warm water to soften cuticles. Push back cuticle gently with a cuticle tool.
2. Dry hands thoroughly. Shape and file the nail edge to remove any rough spots.
3. Use a gentle buffer to remove any surface shine and to create a base for the polish to stick to.
4. Clean your nails thoroughly with an acetone based polish remover. This will also remove any natural oils that interfere with polish sticking.
5. Select the nail wrap closest to your nail size and apply at the base of the nail. Trim off any excess with small scissors.
6. The adhesive side of the wrap is VERY sticky so don’t touch it with your hands. Oil from your fingers can also interfere with the wrap sticking properly.
7. Place the sticker on your nail and press hard on in the middle then work your way out to the edges to remove bubbles.
8. If you have any bubbles or creases, lift the wrap gently and replace on the nail and smooth out gently.
9. Stretch the edges over the end of your nail and wrap under. Secure with a wooden nail tool and smooth any rough edges down.
10. Use a nail file to remove any excess wrap from under your nails.

With a little practice, you’ll achieve the desired affect in no time and will have stunning nails!

Carefully lift up the edge of the wrap and peel off!

For a step by step visual tutorial, check out this great article on applying nail wraps.

Check out our gallery of more nail sticker inspiration below

For even more nail inspiration, check out our board on pinterest!

pinterest nail stickers


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