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Nail Gems and Applique

studded nails

Nail gems and applique are an awesome way to add a little dimension to your nails. There are a lot of ways you can add gem stones to your nails. There are lot’s of pre-made designs that make it super easy or you can add your own designs one by one.

glitter nails with gem

Adding gems to your konad designs can look really awesome too and add a huge wow factor! I love this design with the tiny black beads. Really chic!

nailasaurus konad stamping and gem applique

Check out these great tutorials from Meliny’s Youtube channel. She has lots of different designs and the instructions include all the supplies, tools and colors she used.


Step by Step tutorial:

To add gems to your nails (or really any type of embellishment that is not flat) You’ll need to start of with fully prepped nails.

1. Buff and shape your nails as usual, paint the base coat and then the color you prefer for your nail design.

2. Add any painted designs once your base color is fully dry.

3. Apply a nice clear top coat to your nails and apply gems and embellishments while still wet. To add gems or embellishments, use a small toothpick that is dipped in water to pick up the gem.

4. Carefully place the gem where you would like it to be.

5. Seal gem in place with a second top coat once dry. It’s as easy as that!

If you are using self sticking gems or embellishments, you can apply these directly to your painted nails and all you have to do is finish it off with a clear coat and you’re all done!

ugly nails

Adding embellishments to your nails is a careful art. You don’t want to go overboard or you’ll end up looking like a crazy japanese fan girl! Less is more! Consider the size of the embellishment you are adding to your nails. Smaller is better.

nailasaurus nail gems

I really love the gems that the nailasaurus uses on her nails. She tends to use rounded gems as well so they look flawless under that clear coat.

Aside from adding gems to your nails, you can also use beads and glitter shapes. The Nailasaurus has an EXCELLENT tutorial on how to apply glitter to the tips of your fingers. You can check out her tutorial here. 

nailasaurus glitter tips tutorial

She did mention that this type of design really gets snagged on everything so keep that in mind. Beauty always comes at a price!

Check out our gallery of even more nail designs using gems, embellishments and glitter below.

Check out even more nail designs on our pinterest board!

pinterest nails

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  1. octavia says:

    I love this website & it has been very informative on how to nail art!!! Can you apply these designs to gel polish as well??

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