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Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium Length hair

Medium length hairstyles have become one of the most popular hairstyles in the past few decades.  Medium hair lengths can be worn by women of any age. Teenagers to mature women, can experiment with their hair at a medium length and come out with an elegant style they love. Medium hairstyles are cut from right at the chin, to just below the shoulders, and anywhere in between. They are a “safe” length for those who want a change, but are a bit uneasy about the idea of a short style. They are easy to manage, and can complement the facial features of its wearer. They are so incredibly versatile that anyone with any lifestyle can appreciate them. Busy moms and professional business women can both enjoy this particular length. Medium haircuts can be worn straight, curly or in a glamorous up do.

medium length up-do

If you are wanting to change your current hairstyle, and are thinking about going a bit shorter, take a look at our gallery of medium length haircuts and styles to get some inspiration. Or, you may have even already found a style that you like. Consider this however. Do you know if that particular style will be flattering on you? There are three main factors that go into the ideal hairstyle for every woman. The hair type and facial features will definitely play a role, but the biggest deciding factor is the shape of the woman’s face. If you’ve picked a hairstyle that was intended for a different facial shape than your own, the result will most likely end up being disastrous. Don’t know what your facial shape is? Click here to find out.

Hairstyles for large foreheads

One of the greatest things about designing a haircut around your facial shape is that it will downplay any features you aren’t fond of, and compliment the positive ones. And one of the greatest things about a medium length is that

medium length hair for round face

A woman with a round face will often complain of feeling like her face is wider than it is long. Some famous women examples would be, Drew Barrymore, Fergie, Christina Ricci, and Kate Winslet. A great way to elongate the face with a medium hairstyle is to have lots of volume at the crown. This will narrow down the face and give it a more oval shape. A middle part is also good for creating the illusion of a slimmer face. Some women will opt to not have any bangs at all, but if you have a round face and a large forehead, or aren’t too proud of your nose, a side swept, or wispy bang will do you a world of good. Check out more “bangs” looks here!  Avoid a chin length cut, because this will only make the face appear shorter and wider. Instead opt for longer layers that hug the face because they will hide some of the width, and create a longer face.

Square face shape

Women with square shaped faces tend to have strong angular. Some celebrity examples would be Demi Moore, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, and Hillary Swank.  You will want to minimize the medium length cut is ideal when the style is rounded or has a lot of texture because it will complement the face and soften any sharp edges. Curls and softer layers that frame the face are an excellent way to take some negative attention away from a square jaw. Middle parts should be avoided, and so should blunt bangs. Side swept bangs are wonderful for softening a square face. A one length bob is also not complimentary on a square face because it only draws the attention to the chin.

haircut for heart shaped face

A hearts shaped face can sometimes have a very pointed chin. The idea is to create fullness around the jawline for a more balanced face. Some celebrity examples would be, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Eva Longoria. If you have a heart shaped face, and haven’t had much luck finding a hairstyle that you like, don’t worry you’re not alone. A heart shaped face can be one of the hardest shapes to find the proper hairstyle for. However, in this case, a wonderful medium hairstyle would be a chin length bob. Keep in mind though that too much volume on top of a chin length bob will only emphasize the facial shape. You want more volume down by the chin, for example some texturizing and curls. If you desire longer locks that go about to your shoulders, give it some flair! Have your stylist texturize the ends, and even have it cut so the ends flip out. This will help draw attention away from the face. Also, with longer layers, giving the crown some volume will help elongate the face even more.

hairstyle for triangle shaped face

The triangle shaped face has a wide jaw and narrow forehead. While it is one of the most unusual facial shapes there is, many celebrities such as Minnie Driver and Kathy Ireland. Your main goal with your medium length hairstyle is to add width to your forehead and minimize your chin. With this facial shape choosing a hairstyle that ranges shorter on the medium length will do your face wonders. Some good examples would be the A line bob. It tapers around the jawline making it appear slimmer and volume on the top of the head by the temples makes the forehead appear wider. Make sure however that the hair is curled in and not out. Flipping the hair out especially by the chin will only widen the face more. Longer locks should be layered  and can be tucked behind the ears to emphasize the forehead and eyes. Curls with longer locks will also soften the jawline while taking attention away from it.

hairstyle for oval shaped face

Oval face shapes are the most desired face shape.  If you have this face shape, rejoice! You can pull of just about any darn hairstyle you want! Experiment! Have fun! Some celebrity examples of women with oval faces would be: Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, Mariah Carrey, and Sandra Bullock. The oval face is almost perfectly balanced. The biggest mistake women with oval faces make is to either have bangs that hang into the eyes or just a hairstyle that takes over the face. Let your pretty face show! With an oval face you get to pick which features of your face you want to showcase. A shorter chin length bob with some teased roots and soft bangs will draw some attention to your lips. A longer layered style, with the hair tucked back behind the ears opens up the face immensely and really brings out the eyes. Oval faces are also able to pull off a blunt bang. Should that be the case, just make sure it doesn’t hang into the eyes, instead have them cut just above the brow to show off those peepers.

hairstyle for long face

An oblong or rectangular face is one that is much longer than it is wide, and is pretty much the same narrow width from the chin up to the forehead. It can seem a very masculine facial shape, but may beautiful ladies of the red carpet have this face shape: Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Terri Hatcher, and Sarah Jessica Parker to name a few. Your main goal with this face shape is to shorten the length of the face and slim down the jawline. A blunt or wispy bang is perfect for this face shape, it will shorten the face length and add some width to the cheek bones. A chin length bob would be lovely as long as the ends are flipped out to give the look of a wider face. Avoid adding too much volume at the roots to avoid making the face appear even longer.

If you are looking for more hair inspiration, check out our medium length hairstyles board on pinterest!

medium length hairstyles on pinterst

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  1. Courtney says:

    i will have to ask my stylist what she thinks my shape is cause im stuck between two and really dont know. sometimes its hard to really tell. love the tips, there great, thanks.

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