The A-Line Bob

amanda peet bob

The A-line bob is a chic modern twist on the 1920′s classic bob. The “Bob” originated because it was easy to take care of and also made its wearer look fabulous! The A-line bob is also known as the “Inverted Bob”, the “Angled Bob” or the “Graduated Bob”. The names all indicate how the hair is cut. It is cut in an almost downward angle from the nape of the neck to the chin. In longer versions of the A-line, the same technique is applied, only the longer layers will sometimes graduate down to the shoulders. You can make a bob even edgier by asking your stylist to create an asymmetrical cut and really feathering the ends.

ashlee simpson a-line

Back in 2006, Victoria Beckham cut off her long tresses sporting a new asymmetrical and graduated bob that became almost as popular as Jennifer Anistons infamous “Rachel” cut in the 90′s. This particular cut was very short, but by 2008 was a little longer and much more atainable by women with rounder face shapes. The A-line is worn in a variety of ways. Chin length, where the hair is cut at the nape of the neck and then angles down right to the jawline. It is also worn at a more medium length stopping just above the shoulders. Layers that are stacked at the crown in this cut are a wonderful way to achieve volume. Women with thin, fine, or even aging hair love this look because the volume gives their hair the illusion of being thicker. Add in some volumizing produts and now the look has a sassy and fashionable aspect to it.

victoria beckham a-line

victoria beckham a-line

Who can pull of this look? As always the face shape determines which haistyles a person looks best in. The a-line is a wonderful cut because it can be worn by a number of facial shapes. Long lean faces are made softer with a chin cut bob. Where as rounder faces look longer and leaner with a mid length, almost shoulder cut bob. Busy moms can really appreciate the look because its not too drastic of a cut, and longer layers allow for a quick ponytail on those frantic days where you just dont have the usual time to do your hair, but still want to look put together.

jessica simpson

Women thinking about getting this cut should keep in mind that in order to keep this style from becoming almost shaggy looking, regular upkeep is needed. A trim every 4-6 weeks will keep your look fresh and neat.

rihanna bob

An A-line also looks great with bangs if you have a larger forehead like Rihanna. Either swept to the side or blunt, work with your stylist to see what fits your face best. rihanna bob

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