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Side Swept Bangs

Check out this gallery of popular side swept bangs looks.

Side Swept Bangs

lindsay-lohan-side swept bangs

Side swept bangs, also referred to as “Convertable Bangs” are bangs that are longer then the brow, are cut asymmetrically and then swept to one side of the face. Side swept bangs are usually layered and feathered for a softer look, but can also be cut with a more razor cut for a more edgier look. They are great for any hair type, any length, and flatter most face shapes.

jessica-simpson- side swept bangs


If you are wanting to update or enhance your current look, or have never tried bangs before? Side swept bangs are the way to go. Side swept bangs dont require as much commitment and can be grown out at any time if desired. They are a less dramatic bang and can very easily be pulled to the side and pinned or, pulled back into a headband.  Should you decide to change your mind about bangs all together, they can still look lovely when styled out of the way during the grow out process.

jessica-alba-side swept bangs

With a round face, side sweeping bangs should be cut longer so that they will draw attention away from this face shapes rounded cheeks. This helps make the face appear longer and slimmer. The longer layers also take attention away from a large forehead and fine lines.

reese-witherspoon-side swept bangs

Shallower bangs that are cut at a shorter height can give width and soften a longer narrower face. They can also take some much needed attention away from a sharp pointy chin on a heart shaped face.

When styling side swept bangs, you will want to start out with your hair wet. As always with bangs, you cant do too much to them once they’ve dried. Take your hair dyer, and flip your bangs and blow dry them in the opposite direction in which they lay. This is sort of like when you flip your head upside down during your blow dry process to achieve more volume. The same principle is applied here, however don’t even flip your bangs directly up when blow drying. You will not achieve the affect you want. Once your bangs are dry, flip them back over and comb them out.  If you want more curl, you can use a round brush with your blow dryer, and then set your curl with the cold setting on your dryer.


You will generally want to use a flat iron on the bottom 2/3 of the bangs,  this will smoothen them out and allow them to lay nicely on your face. Anti frizz serum can be helpful if you suffer from frizzy hair. However you don’t want to put a lot of product in your bangs simply because they will end up looking quite greasy.

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