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Matte Polish

Check out this gallery of more creative nail art designs. Thank you to Chalkboardnails and Nailasaurus along with our other great contributors for the lovely nail photos. Be sure to check out the blog links for techniques, product recommendations, inspiration and most of all, extremely awesome nail art!

Matte nail polish is all the rage right now! You can buy matte polish you can use a clear top coat that turns any shiny polish instantly to matte! This trend is a great way to freshen up those old colors and get to experimenting with new and fun designs.

matte nail polish with silver cuticles

These nails from laquerized give off the look of a chalkboard and paired with the silver reverse french manicure, this look brings a new kind of classy to your cuticles. To pull off this look, make sure you have well trimmed cuticles that are hydrated and clean. The silver polish brings attention to your nails so make sure they look their best!

matte nail polish

Freshen up your boring french manicure by using two tones of your favorite color and finishing with some matte clear coat. This finish isn’t 100% matte, it’s still got some shimmer but the SUPER shine has been removed.

matte stamping

If you love stamping your nails, try your designs out with a splash of stamp and finishing with a matte clear coat to take your designs to a whole new level. Another fun alternative is to apply a matte base coat and then a shiny stamp on top or even metallic looks really awesome! You’ll have all your friends wondering just how you pulled it off!

Do you have some awesome nail art designs that you want featured on Helen’s Style? Email us and submit your photos! Remember, quality counts so only send well lit, in focus and images that are at least 600px in size. Email to

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pinterest nails

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