Marble Water Nail Art

Check out this gallery of more creative water marble nail polish designs. Thank you to ChalkboardnailsNailasaurus and My Simple Pleasures along with our other great contributors for the lovely nail photos. Be sure to check out the blog links for techniques, product recommendations, inspiration and most of all, extremely awesome nail art!

Nail marbling with water is a careful art but knowing how to do it is half the battle. After a couple tries you’ll be marbling up your nails in no time! Water marble nail art is when you put drops of nail polish into some water and swirl it around with a toothpick to create a marbled look. You then dip your (protected) fingers into the polish, pull them out and VOILA! Marbled magic!

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Creating this marbled look with nail polish and water can be tricky AND messy but the final look can also be stunning! Choose colors that have a good amount of contrast. Mixing and matching a flat color with a shimmer or a metallic can look gorgeous as well!

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Before you start, watch this video on how to create your own water marble nail art designs!

One of the best parts of water marbling is the perfection in all the imperfections. You don’t want EVERY nail to look the same and you shouldn’t try. Look into your nail color and search for interesting patterns that you want on your nails. The fun part is never knowing what you’re going to get!

Extreme Green Marble IMG_2973 2

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Here is a link to another really great step by step tutorial by Chloe’s Nails, with photos. Her mani looks AMAZING so she must have water marbling skills. Click on the photo for the full tutorial.

water marble tutorial

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water marble nail tutorial

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Water marbling looks really wonderful with multiple colors and try to incorporate a shimmer polish! Depending on the colors you go with, your nails can look floral and fauna, your favorite sports teams colors, wedding colors, water, to match your outfit, for a Holiday party or just for fun!

Ocean Waves Marble IMG_0442

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How cute are these candy cane themed water marble nails? Can you imagine trying to paint each one of those lines by hand? Water marbling is so perfect for getting details that you really couldn’t achieve by hand.

Candy Cane Water Marble IMG_0579

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Do you have some awesome nail art designs that you want featured on Helen’s Style? Email us and submit your photos! Remember, quality counts so only send well lit, in focus and images that are at least 600px in size. Email to


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