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Konad Nail Stamping

Check out this gallery of more creative konad nail stamping designs. Thank you to Chalkboardnails and Nailasaurus along with our other great contributors for the lovely nail photos. Be sure to check out the blog links for techniques, product recommendations, inspiration and most of all, extremely awesome nail art!

Konad nail stamping allows you to apply designs to your nails like never before! A simple tool with seemingly endless results. Konad is a nail stamping kit that allows you to apply delicate designs that would be nearly impossible and surely very time consuming to your nails in just seconds! You can switch designs easily and clean up is a snap. The tool is great for parties with friends, bridal showers or just a lazy afternoon with your girls. Easy and fun!

konad nail design

The Konad system is easy to use and comes with a few pieces to it. There is the scraper that removes excess polish from the pattern plate and the stamper lifts the image off the plate and then applies it to your nail!


Watch this video to see the Konad in action.

The most common use of the Konad system is to put white polish on top of a color. This all by itself looks really nice but don’t be afraid to use other colors! Any type of polish will work with the Konad. Just remember to make sure you have as much contrast as possible so you can see your design!

Image Credit

There are a lot of plates out there so don’t be afraid to get really creative with your designs! I love these hollywood stamps. So chic!

Image Credit

Mixing and matching patterns and colors is encouraged!

Image Credit

Metallics look absolutely stunning with the Konad as well. You can create some truly eye popping designs that would be great for any special event. Mixing and matching your metallics looks amazing and don’t forget to incorporate applique to take your nails to the next level!

Image Credit

Lastly, my fave! Steampunk nails!!! EEK!!! I freaking love these! Beautiful use of the stamping and metallic colors. IN.LOVE.

steampunk nails

Do you have some awesome nail art designs that you want featured on Helen’s Style? Email us and submit your photos! Remember, quality counts so only send well lit, in focus and images that are at least 600px in size. Email to

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  2. Arline says:

    Where can I order those hollywood nail stamp plates!? I’ve looked all over and I can’t find them! Can you help me?

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