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Check out this gallery of more creative nail glitter designs. Thank you to Chalkboardnails and Nailasaurus along with our other great contributors for the lovely nail photos. Be sure to check out the blog links for techniques, product recommendations, inspiration and most of all, extremely awesome nail art!

Nothing adds a wowfactor like glitter! Glitter polish comes in a multitude of shades, colors, and size of glitter! Every type that you could imagine really! Some types of polish have the glitter built in but that shouldn’t stop you from adding your own sparkle by using different types of glitter or sequins in your design. These hexagon sequins add some major sparkle factor plus the colors really could go from holiday to new years in a snap if you’re too busy to change out your polish!

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A great way to show off your glitter polish is to apply a shimmery to your nails as the base color and then apply your glitter polish to just the tips. This way, you can use a really glittery polish that has a lot of wow factor without it being “too much”. I love these nails by The Nailasaurus. She calls them “mermaid nails” and I must agree they do look like pretty fishy scales! Simply lovely.


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This is a photo I did of my own nails for new years. You HAVE to have glittery nails for NYE right? Sorry for the bad lighting, I really need to work on that :) I also did one of my nails black so the pink wasn’t TOO girlie. Need a bit of edge to my style.

helens glitter nails

I simply adore nail polish with multi-sized glitter already inside. This polish reminds me of the awesome galaxy nails look but without the loads of steps to achieve the look. Not quite as much depth but still amazing! The key to using this type of polish is lots of thin layers so that you create that much needed depth. Simply gorgeous.

chalkboard nails

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If you don’t want to go crazy with the glitter, you can always try something like this and just jazz up one or two nails. This is sort of what I was going for with my NYE nails but I just loved the glitter too much and kept going hehe.

chalkboard nails

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Another way to keep your tips toned down but still snazzy is to choose a glitter and a polish that is almost the same color. A little pizazz goes a long way.

Another great way to show off your glitter is to do a gradient! The final look tends to look elemental and magical! There are lots of tutorials for achieving a gradient look but basically it’s layering one color of polish over the top of another (half and half) and then blending together with a top coat. Sometimes the top coat has more glitter in it and can add another dimension.

Do you have some awesome nail art designs that you want featured on Helen’s Style? Email us and submit your photos! Remember, quality counts so only send well lit, in focus and images that are at least 600px in size. Email to

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