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Crackle Nail Polish Inspiration

Check out this gallery of more creative crackle nail polish designs. Thank you to Chalkboardnails, Chloe’s Nails and Nailasaurus along with our other great contributors for the lovely nail photos. Be sure to check out the blog links for techniques, product recommendations, inspiration and most of all, extremely awesome nail art!

Crackle polish is all the rage right now and it’s no wonder because it looks fabulous! The crackle polish is placed over your regular dry nail polish and as it dries, you can see it crackle! Each nail is unique and depending on the pressure and how much polish you put on will give you different results.

S Graffitti crackle

Image Credit

Watch this great video from OPI to see the crackle polish and Katy Perry’s line of colors in action! Super fab!

Someone who really knows how to rock a manicure is Katy Perry! She is well known for her creative nail art. Most recently she sported a Mani with photos of her current beau as the art. She even has her own line of OPI polish named after some of her best songs.


Image Credit

  • Teenage Dream – a dreamy pink glitter
  • Not Like the Movies – sultry silver
  • Last Friday Night – fierce glittery blue
  • The One That Got Away – an amazing deep berry

    The star of the collection is Black Shatter, the new top coat that creates a cracked/leopard once you’ve applied it over your dried nail polish. I absolutely ADORE that fuchsia crackle!! 


Image Credit


Image Credit

The most common look is the black crackle over colored polish but crackle nail polish comes in lots of colors! I especially am digging the silver on red but then again, I am a sucker for sparkles and red.

silver crackle polish

Image Credit

There are tons of colored crackle polishes that you can mix and match with your regular polish. I’m especially digging this blue/red combo! Unexpected and fabulous!

red and blue crackle polish

Image Credit

Switch the boring crackle up with some glitter polish and white crackle on top! This look would be simply wonderful for a holiday party or for NYE! I also really love the fact that they did two nails blue with gold and the other three gold with white. Very classy!

gold and white crackle

Image Credit

Most of all, dont’ be afraid to be creative! Crackle polish is so fun to experiment with, try out different brands of polish and crackle, you may hate one and love the next!

crackle polish

Image Credit

Do you have some awesome nail art designs that you want featured on Helen’s Style? Email us and submit your photos! Remember, quality counts so only send well lit, in focus and images that are at least 600px in size. Email to

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