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Blunt Bangs

Check out this gallery of popular blunt bangs looks.

Blunt Bangs

zooey-deschanel-62 blunt bangs

A very popular trend that seems to be making an appearance yet again is the Blunt bang. The lovely Cher wore blunt bangs with her long locks in the 60′s. Blunt bangs are cut across the forehead in a precisely straight cut from temple to temple. They are worn just below the brows or in some cases down into the wearers eyes for a more sultry look. Don’t be confusing blunt cut bangs with the bangs you wore as a little girl. No, the blunt cut bangs of today are straight, sleek and fashionably bold.

tyra-banks-blunt bangs

These bangs are ideal for ladies with long, narrower faces and large foreheads. Blunt bangs draw instant attention to the eyes, and also frame the face nicely. They bring out the cheek bones and conceal a larger forehead. Think Tyra Banks. While the woman is one of the most gorgeous, and famous models of all time, she has a larger forehead. Her blunt cut bangs give her face a much softer appearance, and of course make those gorgeous green eyes pop!

jennifer-garner-27 blunt bangs

Women with longer faces benefit the most because these bangs make your face appear shorter, so they will give the face a more oval shaped appearance. Since these bangs make your face appear shorter, blunt bangs aren’t as complimenting on a rounder face, or a faces with a shorter forehead for that matter.

jennifer-love-hewitt-blunt bangs

A heart shaped face can also benefit from blunt bangs. These bangs will draw attention away from and soften a prominent chin. So with a heart shaped face, the heavier the bangs are, the better because they will give the face more proportion.

beyonce-knowles-blunt bangs

Women with longer locks wanting to get some attention with their hairstyle, don’t have to take away any length or even add layers. Getting some blunt cut bangs will do it for you. Bangs that are cut “bluntly” across the forehead are not for those who are afraid to take fashion risks. Also, do your homework with this style of bangs. They are harder to change your mind about. Should you want to grow these bangs out, it will be more of a challenge simply because they are harder to style out of the way.

heidi-klum-blunt bangs

When styling these bangs, if you want them longer and more sultry, don’t use a round brush while blow drying, instead use a comb or your fingers. Using a smaller round brush can give your bangs sort of that pin up girl look. Don’t use too big of a round brush, or else you will end up with those little girl bangs that you were trying to avoid in the first place. After they’re dry, you can use a flat iron to give them some shine. Wax can give your bangs some added texture. But as always, less is more when it comes to your bangs.

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