Trendy Hairstyles for 2012

2012 is right around the corner and the hairstyle trends have landed! We’ve been seeing these trends all over for months now but in recent months have been catching fire! Soon you’ll be seeing these trends on everyone from your mom to your 12 year old niece. Try one out and see how this years trends look on you!

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Dip and Dye

Works well with all styles and lengths of hair.

Dip and Dye Hair

Dip and dye works great on all hair lengths so this is definitely something that anyone can try out. Dye a little or dye a lot!

Dip and Dye Pink Hair Pick your favorite color and start dying! This is a great activity to do with a group of friends and each person’s hair will have unique results.

Pink Dip and Dye

A huge trend for young and older(er) alike. Super easy and super fun! If you have blonde hair, this look will be easy for you, just choose your colors and brush on. If you have dark hair, you’ll have to bleach your hair first and then color. Go for one color or multiple. Dip all your tips or just a few. The creativity is endless and the best part is, as it fades it just adds to the look. Pink and blue fade to a gorgeous pastel that some even choose to do all over! Which leads us to our next trend!

Faded All Over Color
Everyone craves a change once in a while but bright purple hair might not be your thing. 2012 brings in the year of toned down all over color. Still fun and fabulous but without the bright.

pink hair

Cotton candy pink and ice blue are the top two colors for 2012 and should be applied professionally since a lot of bleaching and specific coloring is needed but if you are an experienced dyer, you can pull this off too!

blue hair

Green has always been one of my favorite colors so I absolutely adore this faded green look. Incorporating some feather extensions or some glitter extensions would make this a perfect new years look!

green hair

Dying your hair is no new trend but faded color? Now that is something I can get down with. Start with bleach blonde hair and add color, then instead of using color safe shampoo, wash it all out! You’re left with perfectly tinted and perfectly faded trendy hair. In Love! The key is to use a hair dye with undertones that you want to show off when it fades. For instance, if you want a cool grey blue tone, try colors that have the words cool, royal, or starry in the name. Stay away from turquoise and aqua colors. For that baby pink color, aim for pinks that are warm and not purple.

Creative Braids

Works best with long styles of hair but can be incorporated in small amounts with short and medium styles.

creative braid

french braid bun

In love with this upside down french braid turned bun! Just gotta work on my dexterity and I’ll be there with bells on.

creative braid

Creative braids are everywhere right now and the sky is the limit! Whether simple and sweet or gravity defying, the options seem to be endless. There are a lot of tutorials out there so don’t be afraid to do some research and get inspired! These braids look especially nice with multi-toned hair or colored highlights. Don’t be worried if the braid is loose or kind of messy either, that just adds to this no fuss, fun look! Creative braids are easy to dress up and dress down. They look great for formal occasions or a day at the beach. There is literally and option for every hairstyle, length and occasion.

Feather Extensions

Great for medium to long styles of hair. Looks best with straight or wavy styles.

feather extensions

feather extensions

I love this all over feather look. The texture from the feathers creates a lot of drama.

feather extensions

For an awesome DIY tutorial on how to make these feather extensions, click on the photo!

feather extensions

For an awesome DIY tutorial on how to make these feather extensions, click on the photo!

Feather extensions look amazing in all types of hair! If you just use one or two or even five or six, they really give that extra OOMF to your hair! You can get feather extensions professionally put in your hair through a salon or you can buy clip-ins from great shops like Etsy or even try your hand at making your own. Some great places to buy feathers are from dealers on Etsy or your local fly fishing supply store. Most importantly, you want feathers that are clean and sanitary so check with your dealer before purchasing. A feather extension is a great way to incorporate a color highlight or a little extra something for a special event.

Short Hair

pixie cut

short hair

short hair

Short hair is back! The key to successful short hair is to keep the layers wispy and feminine so you don’t end up looking too dude like. Long bangs and and asymmetrical cut will keep this fab new do looking updated and feminine. The best part about a short do is how easy it is to take care of! Just a bit of styling gel or wax and you are good to go.

emma watson short hair

Emma Watson totally rocks this short style. The key to success as you can see are strong facial features. Rock those eyes and brows because this cut will show them off! Accessories to wear with a short do are hair clips and headbands.

Side Parts

Great for all styles of hair and color.

deep side part

deep side part

deep side part

Deep side parts are not just for emo teens anymore. They have grown up into a full blown trend. I always think Jessica Rabbit when I see the deep side part. This style creates a lot of drama for your face and you have to have the right face shape to pull it off. This style also works really well with a dramatic eye.

2012 is just around the corner and there are a lot of fun trends to be had! Don’t be afraid to experiment and take advantage of these fun trends!

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